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 C'ERA UNA VOLTA flyC'era una Volta is a workshop for the manufacture

 of decorative objects in stone, metal, driftwood and

 corsican pine situated a Aregno (between Pigna e Sant'Antonino),on the road to

Algajola in Balagne. We make all our craft on-site at the workshop

 which is open to the public.



 - C'ERA UNA VOLTA - The combination of the materials

c'era una volta corsica

Corsica, rich in a variety of landscapes, offers us a wide

choice of materials to work and offer you a range of simple

products, raw and timeless aspects in the image of nature.

Unique pieces, with sleek lines, cared finishing touches

for a sober, authentic and contemporary interior decoration.



C'era una Volta is a registred tradmark since 2010.

Rewarded by the label "Rencontres Balanines" in 2013,

it is also a member of "Strada di l'artigiani"

(association of craftsmen since 1993).

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   To come to the workshop

   The workshop is situated a Aregno, between Pigna e Sant'Antonino, at the beginning of the road to Algajola (the road to the beach).



   To order

    If you want to buy an item on our site,

   please send an email to corsicadeco@ceraunavolta.fr

   specifying the name of the object (for ex : "Lamp Rocchi Bianchi")

   or send us the picture as an attachment.

   In return, we inform you on the prices and delivery charges.

   Knowing that each piece is unique, if the article you have chosen

   is no longer available, we send you the photos of our similar items

   in stock at the workshop.

   Of course you can also send us an email ,call us at : 06 81 94 71 91

   or leave us your contact information for any questions or details.


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